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Terms of Trade

In consideration of Heavylift Company (the Supplier) agreeing to supply goods and/or services (goods) to the Customer, the Customer agrees and accepts that these terms and conditions apply to all sales of goods by the Supplier to the Customer. The Customer further acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute the entire agreement of the parties as to the supply of goods by the Supplier, and may not be varied without the prior written agreement of the Supplier.

Find a copy of Heavylift Company’s Terms & Conditions here.

Delivery of Online Cash Sale Orders.

Goods will be sent via the Supplier’s nominated courier or transport company unless instructed by the Customer to use an alternative freight service. Delivery within New Zealand is free for orders over $200 excluding GST. All orders under $200 excluding GST will incur a $20.00 + GST freight/handling fee.

Returns & Refunds

Products may be returned within fourteen (14) days of delivery for credit or refund subject to prior approval by the Supplier.  Non-stock, custom-made, and specially packaged products are non-returnable. The Supplier reserves the right to charge an administration/handling fee of 10% to any return.

All freight costs in relation to returns are at the Customers expense.

Claims arising from damage or loss in transit must be reported without delay and made in writing within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

Ownership of Goods

Property in any goods delivered to the Customer will not pass to the Customer until the later of payment in full for the goods; payment in full of all monies owing or unpaid by the Customer to the Supplier including monies in respect of goods previously or subsequently supplied to the Customer by the Supplier.

The Customer shall keep the goods free from and will indemnify the Supplier against any charge, lien or other claim thereon. The Customer has no title or right to charge or encumber the goods before payment to the Supplier under this clause.

If the Customer fails to pay the purchase price or any other debts to the Supplier when due, or commits any act of bankruptcy, the Supplier may without notice and without prejudice to any of its rights and remedies recover and/or resell the goods or any of them and may by its servants or agents enter upon the Customers premises for that purpose.

Goods delivered to the Customer shall be at the Customer’s risk on delivery to the Customer. The Customer is not entitled to return the goods and refuse or delay payment on the grounds that the property in the goods has not yet passed.

Warranty Claims

Please contact Heavylift Company if you think your product may be subject to a claim under warranty.


All prices are in NZ Dollars.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing the price of the goods shall be that price charged by the Supplier at the date of order, plus any transportation, freight, postage, packaging, handling, insurance and goods and services tax (“GST”) and any other expense plus any amount which the Supplier is required to pay on account of sales or other taxes assessed in relation to the goods. GST where applicable, will be charged at the appropriate rate ruling at the date of invoice.

Updated information and specials can be obtained by visiting our web site at www.heavylift.co.nz or by calling our Customer service hotline 0800 432 895.

Credit Application

If  your company wishes to set up a credit account with Heavylift Company a credit application can be downloaded here. Approved account Customers can order online in accordance with the Supplier’s current terms of trade.

Terms of Payment for Credit Account Customers

Payment for material, goods and services pursuant to this agreement, including GST, is due on the 20th of the month following the date of invoice unless otherwise stated in writing by the Supplier. After the due date of payment, the Supplier may charge interest on outstanding amounts payable, at the default interest rate of 10% per annum from the due date.

The Customer agrees to pay and reimburse the Supplier on demand for all legal costs, stamp duty or other costs or expenses suffered or incurred by the Supplier in respect of the preparation of any agreements, personal guarantees, securities or other documentation required by the Supplier to document or secure the provision of credit to the Customer together with all collection and enforcement costs and expenses which the Supplier may suffer or incur in connection with the sale of goods or supply of services or provisions of credit to the Customer (without limitation) legal costs on a full Indemnity basis.

Changes in Ownership

In the event the customer, being an individual or partnership, incorporates his/her business and the company continues to use the existing account, or the account is used by a company of which he/she is a director, he/she hereby agrees to personally guarantee all due debts. If ownership of the Customer’s business changes, the customer will remain liable for all debt incurred on this account until such time as the supplier is notified in writing of such change.


Due to on-going product research and development and our commitment to source the best quality products at the best value, product specifications or brands supplied may vary from those photographed. Customers are advised to check any information they depend on at the point of purchase. E.& O.E.

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